Upon check in to the hotel, guest are require to pay RM50.00 deposit or foreign currency which equivalent to the amount. Passport, driving license or other form of personal identification document may also be used as deposit. This deposit is refundable upon your check-out. However do take note that hotel have the right to withhold your personal identification documents should you failed to obey the policies set by the hotel.


Capsule by container hotel is an eco-friendly hotel and as part of our effort in protecting the environment, the capsule by container hotel have implemented a no-smoking policy. Under this policy, guest are not allowed to smoke within the vicinity of hotel which include but not limited to the hotel's room, lobby and other common areas. By checking in into this hotel, guests are agreed to obey this policy and should the guest failed to comply the above policy, an amount of RM50.00 will be levy or the deposit amounted RM50.00 paid upon check in will be forfeited.


Due to the fast booking pace at Capsule by Container Hotel, we will always advise our guest to reserve the room when all information has been confirmed. Once booking was made, there will be no cancellation allowed or refund. Should the guest failed to check in at the hotel at the predetermined date and time, it will be treated as no show; thus no refund will be given.


For guest that intend only to store their luggage at the hotel, personal identification documents such as i/o and password must be presented to the receptionist for registration and charges will be calculated based on the length of storage. Locker key will be kept by the hotel and receipt will be issue to guest. Upon collection of luggage, guest must show original receipt in order to collect their luggage. Should guest failed to collect their luggage within 24 hours after the collection deadline, hotel has the right to open the locker and dispose the luggage accordingly.All our locker is first come first serve basis. Should locker is already finish upon your arrival, then you may choose ti stored at our reception.


All checked-in guest will be assigned to their individual room. Should guest intend to change their pre-assigned room / capsule, they must inform reception prior to the room changing. Any unauthorized room changing will result penalty of RM50.00.


Upon check-in, reception will notify guest on their designated check-out time and 10 minutes buffer will be given. Should guest check-out after the 10 minutes buffer or any late departures or overstayed guest will be charged by hotel accordingly.

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